"Dr. Gotamco is incredible. I had plenty of work needing to be done on my teeth and I never felt any pain. He is clear in his explanations and really cares about his patients. I would highly recommend Dr. Gotamco especially if you have fears of dentists! I also have to give thanks to an amazing friendly staff, the made sure I never missed my appointments!" - Carlos D.


"Great staff , excellant work most of all painless!!!! :-). Love Dr. Gotamco he is kind & gentle. I am a scaredy cat of dentist, he will be mine as long as is in biznez. Thanks soo much!!" - P. Harris


"Dr. Gotamco is really a very good dentist. My daughter had her tooth extraction and it was quite complicated to work on but the dentist had the job done so quickly and with great ease. My daughter was smiling after that because she said the dentist was very gentle. This is one dentist you should go to because you get the expertise and the true caring he extends to his patients. Some dentists are so much conscious of the time but with Dr. Gotamco, you will get the right time you deserve." - Andrea B.


"I have always dreaded going to the dentist, but with the gentle touch of Dr. Vincent and the extra care extended by his assistants and courteous staff, the fear of going to the dentist is all gone. In addition, I don't think I have ever seen a much cleaner and well organized practice with state of the art equipments than Dr. Vincent's... never felt more comfortable, relaxed with complete trust towards my new dentist."

-Anthony J.

"My husband and I recently had appointments with Dr. Gotamco and are very satisfied with our treatment.  Both of us had not been to the dentist in a long time and were uncertain about what to expect. We were both pleasantly surprised at how comfortable and relaxed Dr. Gotamco made our visit.  The staff was very professional and nice. The office is beautiful and “State of the Art”.

We highly recommend Dr. Gotamco’s office to everyone!"

-The Pimentel’s

It is hard to find a dentist that I trust.  After avoiding dentists for many years I finally had to go see one because of pain.  Previously, I was turned off with dentists because when I really needed one the young dentist I saw at a group dental practice at trinity parkway plaza did not have the respect for my condition when talking to me.  In fact, that dentist took a large frame off the wall, put it on my legs and in short put me down with my peridontal disease.  Dr. Gotamco was referred to me by my kid's dentist and I am so glad.  I was in pain with swollen/bleeding gums, halotosis and very discouraged.  Dr. Gotamco has wonderful tact when explaining my situation and his treatment shows his experience.  Consequently, I was almost to the point of losing some of my teeth (some wiggled).  I had peridontal disease.  I was placed on antiboitics, recieved a prescribed mouth wash (peridex) and I recieved deep cleaning and a followup after 3 months.  It is amazing, after the first deep cleaning/appointment I had no halotosis or bleeding gums.  I was very faithful in following his prescriptions and advice about flossing and brushing my teeth~anytime I ate anything.  Now after my 3 month follow-up I am so satisfied and without a shadow of a doubt recommend Dr. Gotamco.  Kudos for tact, respect, experience and treatment.   -Vic S.


"This dentist is amazing! I got a crown and I barely felt any pain or discomfort." - Ahmed Salim 09/16/13

Dental in Stockton CA
Dental in Stockton CA