Bone Grafting(1)

Bone grafting is where the jawbone is built up to accommodate a dental implant, preserve bone for esthetic reasons or to help strengthen support to an adjacent tooth. Bone grafting sometimes have to be protected by a membrane to keep the gum tissue from filling in first. Without bone grafting, the socket where the tooth was will collapse and recede. Losing in some cases up to 60% of the volume. A huge void usually will result making restoration a challenge and sometimes render the treatment undesirable. Bone grafting materials are either natural from real bone or artificial from engineered materials. It is often best to place the bone graft right after extraction since a socket is already available thus avoiding a second surgery. There are situations however, that waiting is necessary. It can take up to 3 months for new bone to grow and mature. Although it may appear too cumbersome to go through we know many patients enjoy now the benefits that bone grafting offers.